Waitress On The Beach

The sand was all white and stainless. The water was turquoise as if filled with crystalline Emeralds. There sky was clear with bright sun lighting up everything around me. There was no one in sight, far and wide. It seemed, I was only living and breathing thing in miles around. The only sound was the waves, which were making a futile attempt, with all their might to cover as much ground as possible but, eventually had to give up and return back to their point of evolution. A cool breeze was caressing my body. All I had on was a pair of light Blue thongs to cover the essentials. The tan on my body was enviable. I was staring nonstop at the waves when, I realized someone approaching.

I turned my head and, was stumped. My jaw dropped at the view of the mesmerizing figure approaching me. It was the same stewardess however; she was not wearing the mini tux anymore. She was wearing a sky blue two piece bikini. The lower was covered by a flimsy red shrong. Her skin was the color of a hazelnut. Her well carved lithe structure hinted as if; she just worked out and went for a massage and sauna session before she changed into this petite overall. She still was holding the tray with a bottle of Moet & Chandon nicely placed inside an ice bucket and two champagne glasses. She was holding the tray, palm up, slightly over her shoulder. Her lips were spread in a smile which revealed her beautiful white pearl like teeth. Her pink, thin lips were glistening as if she just applied some gloss. Walking towards me, she looked like a five course meal at Radisson after going hungry for a week.

Well, she reached me and sat down next to me on the white sand, placing the tray on the sand, right in front of me. I looked at her from head to toe and thought; ‘what would please me more; the champagne out of the bottle or, the champagne from the glass or, sipping the champagne mixed with the fragrant juices from her curves.’ I looked at her meaningfully with a coy smile on my face. I picked up the bottle and started unwinding the binds of the cork. I opened the bottle and started to shake it for the fountain of the light golden liquid to erupt. I faced the mouth of the bottle towards her bikini top which was teasing me, allowing revealing décolletage. The champagne gushed out of the bottle in a fountain which started soaking her blouse and the desirable flesh under it. She, as a reaction to my mischievousness, quickly made a protective cross with her arms to prevent the shower of champagne from soaking her top and breasts. Even though, this did not stop the flow of the champagne. When the outburst of the champagne came to a halt; upper half of her body was almost drenched in the expensive liquor. I could see the tiny droplets making way down her muscular upper abdomen, her small belly button and disappearing into the fabric of her shrong.

I reached out for her wrist with my hand and the first touch of her skin was thrilling. I held her by her wrist and gently pulled her towards me; the opened champagne bottle still in my other hand. She responded effortlessly to my gentle pull and we both got slowly our knees facing each other. I gradually started moving my face towards her. She was already breathing heavily and I could see the mounds of passion slowly heaving up and down, still clasped in bonds of her bikini top. The feel of her warm, heavy breath started stirring the excitement in me. I wanted to go wild and tear the bikini away from her body and shove in the rod, without waiting anymore for the foreplay. However, I knew the game will be much more powerful and enjoyable if, played with care and patience. I wrapped my arm around her torso and let my lips suck on the fragrant, youthful juices from the thin, pink petals of her lips, care freely. It was becoming too difficult for me to resist the temptation of moving to the final chapter, omitting the entire book in between.

Well, it was my dream, my terms and there was nothing to lose. I allowed myself the pleasure, which I would never do in real life. I slid my index finger in the fabric holding together the cups of her bikini and tugged at it strongly. This made her gasp a little and open her eyes in surprise as if, someone waking up from a reverie. The blouse was not strong enough to withstand the tug and it tore free and now was hanging limply in my hand; leaving the bare mounds now staring at me. She had beautiful breasts with chocolate colored nipples the size of a chestnut, placed on dead center of both mounds. There was no mistake made by the creator while carving those masterpieces. I again held her by the torso letting the torn top slip on the sand and starting slowly pouring the champagne on her bare mounds now. I started licking and sipping off the flowing droplets from her breasts. I also allowed my hand, which was just holding her by her torso until now, to start wandering care freely, feeling the warmth of her skin from all over her body.. I had no realization left anymore whether, I was sucking on her lips, burying my face in her cleavage to steal the nectar of youth buried in between those mounds created so masterfully by god or sucking on those well carved dark chocolaty nipples. She was also responding and was gasping heavily. Eventual, moans were also escaping her throat, hinting at the release of the beast inside, now willing to play its game.

My excitement was quadrupled when I felt her, sliding her hand slowly on my abdomen towards my thongs which held here favorite toy. She slowly slid her hand and was no more hesitant to hold the pole which will make her forget everything else and fill her hollow life with satisfaction. Yet, she will never have enough of it and will want to come back again and again for more. She started squeezing and feeling my penis from over my thongs. Her eyes opened wide after getting the full feel of my pole. She realized, the size of the toy is a little bigger than she expected. She was looking directly at my face while her hand still clasped tightly over my pole. She slowly allowed her gaze to drop towards the torpedo, she was holding, still covered with the satin of the thong. She slowly unclasped the grip and held sides of my thongs with both her hands and slowly slid them down to my thighs, revealing the toy, she will be playing. She was looking at it with her eyes wide, gulping down some saliva to moisten her already dried up throat.

She again started to touch and feel my bare penis now with a not able to believe her own eyes look on her face. She slid the foreskin to reveal the pink, shinning glans which was already twitching with the overflow of blood and size of a slightly inflated table tennis ball. She started sizing up my penis’s length with her hand, taking at her disposal to treat it as her private property. Little she thought, that the blood inside my veins was already bursting into hot lava and this storm will swipe her along with it. The warmth of her touch was already turning it harder and harder. I could see my hard on reaching the point, I never felt before cause of the long interval since it last sank its head into its favorite pit. I could see that the slight doubt that was holding her back was subsiding and she was playfully pumping the foreskin of my penis looking excitedly at the juices oozing out of the glans which indicated the peak of my excitement.

She slowly pushed me on my back and made me lay on the sand. I knew what her intention was. I also knew that after this, there will be so much rage and fury that all control will vanish and she will be engulfed with only desire to melt and flow A tide of hot cum will be the only limit which will bring the interval or a temporary stop to this natural madness; until next time. I saw her tongue starting to lick playfully at the glans of my fully erected penis. She was licking it as if she was never going to have such prized lollypop ever again in her life and she wanted to lick away all the sweetness off it. Now it was time for the wild groans to escape my throat. My eyes went shut with pleasure as her mouth engulfed my entire glans and started sucking on it. The purr sounds made by sudden escape of air while pumping her face up and down holding and sucking my penis using her lips, inner cheeks and tongue raising the blood pressure to lethal levels. I somehow, wanted her to keep going and never ever stop this.

However, after playing and sucking the juices she so craved for, for almost half an hour, she got a little languished. This was a hint for me to move on to the next level of pleasures before she crashes due to exhaustion instead of pleasure. I held her gently by the back of her head, indicating to let go. She lifted her head; looking anguished a bit as if to say, please let me have it more. However, I knew that this is just timely and the next move will make her float the exciting waters of sexual sensation. If she will keep asking for more at every level then, this game will never reach its climax and there will never, ever be an ecstatic experience that one derives after a hardcore sex bout and climax.

I freed her lithe body from the bounds of the shrong and the panties, she still had on. Holding on to her torso, I started with light kissing around her navel. After a while, my tongue started a bit of flickering in and around the small pit. I was getting too excited and my pole was literally throbbing to measure the dark realms of her juicy vagina. I was unable to hide my impatience and wildness anymore and same passion was evident in the way she was twerking her torso. I held her by her thighs and gently indicated my intentions for her to lay down on her back. I still wanted her to beg me for the ultimate pleasure. I started to kiss and flicker my tongue over the slit and the slight mounds which eventually ended to the gully of all satisfaction. Simultaneously, my fore- finger already found the satiable opening between her legs which was already flooding with juices to make the feel of the intercourse smoother and much more exciting. I started gently rubbing and feeling around her vulva and clitoris. She was twerking her pelvis excitedly and moans of pleasure were already erupting from her throat. It felt as if she was attempting to form words but all that reached me was whispering and gasps of pleasure. I parted the floral openings of her vagina and directly inserted the entire length of my tongue in the love hole and swirled it inside her vagina as if licking my favorite ice cream from a cone. Her body was shaking with pleasure and this was the first time the whispers escaping her mouth literally turned into a scream of pleasure. I knew she was already on the peak of desire and we are already arriving the point of losing all control. I started fucking her wildly with my tongue. It was nothing gentle like light licking or flickering her vagina and clitoris with my tongue but; literally ejecting my tongue from her pit and pushing it all the way back in with a thrust. The frequency of the twerks and screams also was raging high and I knew that it is time when we both needed to plug the gap and start the joy ride that will lead us both to satisfaction.

I held her by the beautifully carved buttocks and slowly guided her to my fully erected penis. She immediately responded and shifted her torso with her cheeky bottom still placed on my palms. Once she got into position, I gently placed my glans on the petit opening of her vagina and gave it a few rubs to enjoy the feel of her warm wildly flowing juices. She shuddered with each rub anticipating that this might be the final rub before the hardness took over and filled her gap. Finally, I gave a small twerk and a quarter of my penis was inside her sacred cave. Simultaneously, something like a howl erupted from her throat which filled me with double the excitement as she now had full understanding of what she was dealing with. In my excitement, I gave her a harder thrust this time which furthered three fourth of my penis’s entire length in her vagina. This time she literally screamed in pain and started to pull herself back to ease off the pressure that my penis built in her vagina. I was ready for this moment and before she could ease the tension on her vagina; I applied my strength and pushed the remaining length of my penis in the soft wetness. I also started gentle pumping to add fuel to flame of her desire and trigger more flow of juices, which will help transform this pain to pleasure. She started screaming wildly at first but slowly her screams were replaced by guttural sounds escaping the throat of a wild beast which has been uncaged and now feasting on its favorite meal.

I don’t know for how long I kept the slow momentum of thrusting to get a good feel of extraordinary innards of her vagina which seemed to be kissing and caressing every inch of my penis. The feel was beyond description and I wanted to enjoy it as much possible. However, the current of pulsating desire, the ripples of extreme pleasure were acting as a catalyst, urging to hit the shore line of climax. My testicles were literally throbbing to burst and each inch of my body was irking to shed the load which was hard to handle for my boiling hot penis anymore. I started thrusting a little harder and increased the intensity gradually to a point where she could feel my wild beast’s intent to fill her with cum. She started also to respond by counter thrusting her pelvis from below which quadrupled the pleasure. I could feel the tickle all over my pelvis which indicated that I was about ejaculate anytime. I pulled my penis completely and rammed it back again. I started repeating my master stroke again and again and she squealed each time and finally reached her climax and relaxed and I pushed back my penis once again into her cum oozing vagina and my penis also ejaculated at that very moment like never before. Groans of pleasure ejected from my mouth each time my penis spurted out semen. I kept my motion of gentle thrusts allowing last little drop of semen also to drip out from my penis into that sacred, divine and most satisfying burrow of desire.

However, nice the dream it was and after a long time even imagination was too real and savory. She suddenly raised both her hands and held both my shoulders and started shaking them. She started to yell my name like crazies. Suddenly, she started fading……

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From: The Ugly Princess (Available Soon For Sale)
Story and Photo Courtesy: Akash Ahuja