The Bang Bang Bar

I was busy relieving myself when I heard the swivel door opening and closing behind me. I turned my head slightly to find her standing against the support of her hand which was now planted firmly on the wall next to the already closed door. Her face was radiating with mixed expression of fear and desire. I was almost done with my thing in the stall and I knew this game as well, I knew football. I jerked the last few drops and turned around without bothering to cover my genitals.


Her gaze immediately dropped to what she was here for. For a minute, it felt, as if the watch stopped ticking for her and the shreds of fear all left her face with only traces of lust and desire. She looked unblinking, at my 8 inches long unerected penis hanging loosely out of my jockstrap and track pants. Her looks exactly matched the looks of a cat that went hungry for a week and was now looking at her favorite food.  I was waiting patiently for her to make the first advance. She slowly moved her hand away from the wall and started moving in my direction. The most amazing of all was that I was about to have sex with a girl; I did not know the name even. She came and stopped where I could literally feel the warmth of her breath on my face, the soft touch of her body against mine. She slowly raised her hand and placed it behind my neck and started pulling my face towards hers. I allowed my head to be drawn effortlessly so that my lips could meet hers.


There were a few tender light kisses at first, sucking at each other’s lips with our tongues stroking each other’s  for some time and allowing the wild fire burning within us, to flare up. While kissing and smooching, she started guiding me towards a nearby lavatory cubicle. Savoring each stroke of her tongue and the sweet taste of her lips; I allowed myself to be slowly dragged towards the destination where we were about to play the most interesting and satisfying game, being played between a man and woman ever since, the time of evolution.


She was already a smoking inferno of lust by the time we reached the cubicle that she used all her force to push me in the cubicle and expertly latched the door behind her after entering. Her eyes were blood shot and already expressing her state, looking in my eyes, she slowly started dropping her gaze once again to the part of my body that she wanted most, at this moment and gradually started going down on her knees. I was already feeling the euphoria of the moment I was about to savor. She waited a moment looking closely at my penis before holding it within her hand pulling the foreskin behind to expose the big round bulbous glans. The feel of her tender hands around my penis caused a stir in my body and the blood in my veins started to pump faster. I started feeling myself getting hard. I also know that, she was about to have the surprise of her life because, when fully hard and erected, my penis was thick and 12 inches long.


She slowly started kissing the tip of my penis while using her hand to pump it. Occasionally, it seemed that her tongue was going wild and it was difficult for her to keep it anymore in the restrains of her mouth. It escaped wildly and made a futile attempt to penetrate the hole on the tip of my penis. No matter, how futile these attempts were but, I was feeling immense pleasure seeping through every part of my body. She doubled the pleasure by taking almost half of my penis in her mouth and sucking on the glans wildly. She did seem a little less in age but she sure was a pro player of this game because the way she was blowing on my penis, was making me go wild forgetting all the smarts I planned to use on her. She also seemed a little desperate; because now she seemed as she wanted whole of my penis in her mouth. Even though, it seemed impossible and she was making all sort of guttural noises but, her attempts had made my pleasure touch the skies. I already felt my penis ejecting large amount of lubricating fluids. I was on my peaks of pleasure. I held her by her shoulders and pulled her to her feet gently. Her expression was as if someone snatched her favorite pop.


I started unhooking her blouse slowly; exposing beautiful lacy White brazier cupping her beautifully carved petite breasts. I held her in my arms unhooking her bra hooks, started kissing and stroking her neck lane gently with my tongue. The fragrance of her body was making her more and more desirable. I managed to unhook her bra which gently slipped down her velvety shoulders. The view was nothing less than mesmerizing. It took me almost a minute to absorb the sensation of that moment looking at her well sculpted naked breasts eyeing at me with those rosy tips of light Brown nipples. I buried my face slowly in the middle of those beautiful mounds to let her feel the fire in my breath. Losing the restrains of my arms around her, I allowed her back to rest on the wall. Still with my left arm wrapped around her slender waist, I slowly slid the palm of my right hand on her mound. I started to gently squeeze and press this pyramid of unfathomable magnificence while, my tongue and lips were already playfully covering the nipple on her other breast.


During foreplay, she already prove, what she was capable of and now it was now my turn to let her know that she has met none less than her equal. She was already groaning and thrusting her hips gently with pleasure. While sucking on the sweetness from her nipple; I slowly started moving my hand covering her breast, towards her stomach. My hand taking course all the way from her breasts slid to her panties, under her short skirt. It stopped exactly on top of the hole of desire. The satin of her panties was already moist with her love juices. I started rubbing it gently with my forefinger to add a little more combustion to already blaring flames. She mourned joyfully and gave a slight pelvic thrust as if to express her desire for more. Now it was my turn to ignite her to the peak before we move on to the final episode. I got on to my knees and held her panties on either sides and gently slid them down. Now the cleanly shaven, hairless vagina was looking in my face. The crease (labia) that held the clitoris followed by the vagina was looking so inviting. I held her buttock using my both hands encircling her and slowly burying my mouth in that crease full of pleasures. I started kissing and gently running the tip on my tongue in the crease, waiting for her to open her legs and expose her vagina so I could let her know the pleasures of pre ejaculation  that my tongue was about to unfold for her. Eventually she gave way raising her right leg, folded at the knee and placed it on the toilet seat cover. I immediately started digging at the hole of pleasure with my tongue, kissing it wildly and sucking the clitoris to increase her passion ten folds. It did not take long for the soft moans erupting from her throat till now, turn to wild, lustful guttural sounds. I could feel her trying to form some words during these wild eruptions like “Please! God! Fuck!”


This was good enough, a cue for this musician to strike the first cord on his guitar. I got up pumping my already super hard penis with my hand and placing the tip on the hole of all satisfaction. Slowly and gently, I rubbed the glans on the length of her vagina, started from clitoris to her anus. I finally, penetrated her vagina with the tip of my penis, slowly and steadily inserting it further and further, inch by inch, thrusting softly allowing her to experience the initial pain combined with pleasure of my full length and girth. She inched back a bit due to the pain and said in a ruffled sound “Oh! it is so big. It is paining me. I can’t take it. Please!”  However, this was not new and I knew that she wanted me as much as I wanted her at that moment. It was just momentarily resistance due to pain. I comforted her by telling her that I will not insert the full length now. She agreed immediately, as I expected and I was already on my way back to her pleasure nest between her beautiful legs.


This time, I went a little steady by thrusting more and inserting my penis in her vagina very slowly. The continuous pumping of my penis which was filling her vagina completely sparked the fire in her to a conflagration. She was now at the stage of desire where my length or girth could only add to her pleasure. I allowed my penis to penetrate completely and she was now groaning in complete pleasure, at the top of her voice. Even the knowledge that she was at her place of work and making out with me in a male’s toilet did not manage to dampen her excitement. She was determined to make most of this moment. As time went, the excitement grew and also grew the intensity with which I was pumping her vagina with my penis.


We were in both rowing in the sea of sex, completely oblivious o the outside world, waiting for that final splash of satisfaction. Little had I known that Maurine tried calling me several times on my mobile which was on silent mode during the practice and now resting in one of the pockets of my jacket hanging on the coat hangar at the entrance of the bar?


Well! Call it my bad luck that she had to pick this cursed day to go out for shopping and wanted to know if I wanted her to pick up something for me. When I did not answer her back to back calls, she called one of my team mates out of concern. He told her about our sudden plan to have a few beers at this bar; he also told her that I was not at the table at that moment. Now, who could have possibly known that, the mall she was visiting for her shopping also was located in the same neighborhood where, I accidentally bumped into a super cute waitress and was busy banging her at that very moment in the bar’s men’s room.


She decided to surprise me and came to the bar. She waited for me for almost 20 minutes when, she did not find me at the table along with my team mates. One of the team mates who was sitting next to me, told her that I went to the toilet several minutes ago. She got concerned as it was an unusually long time for a person to be in the toilet. She wanted to know if I was alright. She asked for help from my team mates and requested if one of them could go in the toilet and check on me, if I was alright. It was Eric, the same guy who was sitting next to me, who volunteered. He came in the toilet where our game was at full rage inside the cubicle. Any fool, from the voices and noise that we were making could understand what was going on inside that cubicle. Eric was dumbfounded. He did not know what to do. I was here involved in an intercourse with someone inside the men’s stall and my wife was standing right outside that swivel door separating the men’s toilet section from the bar.


The only sensible course of action he was able to think, being my friend was to inform me. He quickly knocked on the door. We ignored and kept going, thinking it might be someone with an urgency to go but, unable to find an available stall. Thought of Eric knocking on the door and Maurine’s presence in bar never even occurred to me. He knocked again and whispered trying to inform me about the situation however, I was thrusting with full might and almost near climax. Probably, my lust or shall I call it misfortune, was overpowering all other senses. I did not hear anything. He was trying his best to avoid Maurine from overhearing him and getting to find out what was happening inside the toilet. This situation did not last for very long. Maurine finally gave in to her concern and wearing patience. She came in the men’s room to find Eric holding his mouth near the door, uttering something and knocking gently. She came a little closer when mix of sounds of whispering, panting, groaning and whacking (made due to my thrusting like a mad dog) reached her ears. The reality took some time to dawn on her. She was flabbergasted and glued to the ground. She did not even half expect me to be cheating on her. Not after Nine beautiful years of marriage where, she did everything possible for my happiness. She gave me two beautiful daughters.


Still unaware, what was happening outside, I started feeling that gush of tickling in all my genitals. She also started returning my thrusts moving her pelvis back and forth to double the effect of my already fierce thumps. The sounds that were escaping her mouth were not in any way normal. They were something near screams indicating the satisfaction that was about to follow. The feeling of climax started surrounding me and suddenly, I felt her vagina all wet and squirting her cum all over my crotch. I pulled my penis out of her vagina and started to pump it with my hand. She suddenly went all calm and relaxed, eyes closed and standing against the support of the wall.  Now, it was time for the animal like sounds to escape from my mouth as I felt the tickle in my genitals, grow to the limit where all life wanted to escape from the tip of my penis. I felt a gush of hot semen ejaculating from my penis and splashing the closed toilet seat cover. One after the other, several jets of sperm ejected and finally it was a feeling of calm and relaxation that enveloped me.


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Story and Photo Courtesy: Akash Ahuja