Sex Doll With Artificial Intelligence

Imagine, you are ripe for rejuvenation and looking for a perfect getaway.  Apart from choosing the room, luxury bed, full board/ half board, Free WiFi; your favorite holiday resort also gives you a choice to choose the sex doll who will be available 24 X 7 to render the exotic services, you fantasized about all your life.

A perfect orgy for the sexually deprived or hyper active people; who will be able to program these AI equipped sex robots looking and functioning exactly like humans, to their bidding.

Yes, a new concept which is already under development suggests that it could introduce a new experience of sex with cyborgs soon at popular tourist destinations. Experts forecast that sexual curiosity will encourage people to flock to these sex robot holiday resorts where sex dolls  with life like human skin will be on offer. Considering the benefit from the sex tourism globally, developers are creating more realistic robots which can emulate 12 different moods and emotions which can be activated manually.

Imagine a holiday with a real SEX MACHINE which can be charming, witty or fall in love with you, whenever you want

And Hey!! GOOD NEWS is No more broken hearts and no worries if you get a boner, anytime.