Philippine’s Government Bans Top Adult Sites

pornhub ban
Top Adult Sites Banned In Philippines

The government of Philippines’ has imposed a ban for indefinite period on the top rated adult sites. It has been brought in to effect for the personal welfare of the people since, the popular porn sites declaration about Filipinos being the biggest audience for adult content for 3 straight years.


As of Saturday, 14/ 01/ 2017, access to the biggest porn sites is blocked. It was recorded that the average time spent by a Filipino was 12 minutes 45 seconds on an adult site. This was almost 2 minutes longer then a South African which stands second in queue of porn watchers.


Sources do not confirm any other violations such as anti-child pornographic law which could have been concluded a much fair reason or cause for the infliction of this ban. However, any further information regarding this news is still awaited.


Source: Inquirer