Non Stop Mechanical Man

“It is a men’s world”


Well! That seems quite an over rated statement. Because females have proven that they are as capable as men and have taken the front seat into almost everything.


Since the theatrical release of Fifty Shades of Grey & its sequel, the exotic novel series by E.L. James; market has witnessed a sudden surge in the purchase of sex toys. This has opened a whole new channel for the possibilities available to the tech giants foraying into this insatiable desire of mankind, which can result into opening of unfathomable revenue streams.


Live like women sex bots named Harmony are already available in the market and selling for around $15,000 and now we are expecting to witness the male version in 2018.


These bots are expected to come with male organs of different shapes and sizes and they can keep indulged in intercourse forever.


These robots are equipped with AI which enables it to learn and satisfy the end user’s sexual desires.


However, sexual exploits of humans have always been an area of research, finding more avenues to enhance the ultimate pleasure we all seek.


Just the normal vaginal intercourse was never enough and we resorted seeking other options like oral, anal and gay etc. Despite of humans considered the most organized and intelligent species on the planet; we have a whole history outlined by brutal inflictions during satiation of this carnal desire.


Technology has solved and yet created many problems along with it. Everyone, who has used a computer or smart phone, is aware that they are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  Every day a new virus or a malware pops up and snaps away the carpet from under the feet of the greatest tech giants. What if these smart robots who are artificially intelligent could figure out that they are much more capable and stronger and they turn into pain inflicting machines instead of a product of pleasure?


However, we all love kinky stuff and a little spice to our lives. This new and expensive toy promises to be packed with a lot of punch for the ladies. We wish the future buyers of this magnificent companion great satisfactory experience and a safe play.


Mechanical Man With AI


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