German Politicians Intend To Fund Sex Workers For Disabled and Old Age Customers

Germany’s Green Party, in a new proposal want the government to fund the sex workers for disabled and old age customers, which would bring confidence and improvement to their life.


Spokeswoman on care policy Elisabeth Scharfenberg told she could imagine the government funding the patients requiring medical care for a condition benefitting from sex. Patients would need to show proof of medical need and that they could not afford the services. The system acknowledges that the elderly and disabled population has sexual needs too.



Dr. Tuppy Owens of the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance said in an interview to Vice, “Often, disabled people use sex workers to help them move on, so they can find a partner. The sex worker can help them gain sexual confidence and understand how to please a partner. When they know how to be a good lover, they can find someone to date. Because most disabled people don’t want to have to pay for sex for the rest of their lives.” 



However, Green Party’s concept has drawn criticism from other policy makers. Karl Lauterbach of the governing Social Democrats told Bild Daily “Germany does not need paid prostitution for the elderly, and certainly not on prescription.” 


The New York Times quotes The German Patient Protection Foundation as saying, “People who have to fight for help on basic matters such as washing and eating have other concerns.”


We hope that in-need seniors and disabled people also get an opportunity to make their choice in this matter related to their physical starvation.


Source: Glamor

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay