Porn Industry Finds Its Way To CES

It has been more than a decade since, adult entertainment got opportunity to be a part of a consumer electric show gadget extravaganza in LA, Nevada, USA.


California based Naughty America; the adult film production has been in business since 2000. They had a room assigned in the VR section of the event floor. They demonstrated how their videos performed on diverse headsets from tech giants like HTC, Samsung and Facebook owned Oculus.


Company’s chief info officer Ian Paul reported heavy traffic of visitors flocking their booth. At times, it was fully packed.


First time after 16 years porn industry was back in action with a premier gadget event. However, Naughty America attributes pulling of this miracle to their characteristic of embracing new technology quickly. They got an admission because of doing VR, not on the basis of being adult.


This indicates future possibilities for the adult entertainment industry to do business and capitalize on growing markets provided they are open to explore new avenues and modify the conventional hole and pole production. Paul also indicated that revenue from VR has more than tripled at the company in the past year and with the mix of technology , the live streamed performances online could get really interesting.


Photo: AFP

Source: South China Morning Post